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It's time to deepen the connection between Pakistan and China, according to PM Kakar

 It's time to deepen the connection between Pakistan and China, according to PM Kakar

Anwaarul Haq Kakar, the acting prime minister, declared on Friday that the moment had come to strengthen ties between China and Pakistan.

We say that a nice neighbor is a gem in Pakistan. China is a terrific neighbor, friend, partner, and brother, and we are very blessed to have it in this regard.

This is the ideal moment to deepen our bond. Let's work together to forge a new path toward wealth, peace, and win-win growth, Kakar added. He said this while speaking to academics and students at Xinjiang University in Urumqi, China.

The two nations had reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their alliance just a day before, with Islamabad's strategic partnership with Beijing being protected at all costs, according to Kakar.

During a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the caretaker premier at the Great Hall of People on the fringes of the 3rd Belt and Road Forum, both parties reaffirmed this commitment.

The vicissitudes of time have not impacted our tried and true bonds. Regarding the importance of the friendship between China and Pakistan for the advancement and prosperity of both nations as well as for regional peace and development, all political persuasion in Pakistan concurs wholeheartedly, he stated.

We see our relationship with China via a long-term strategic lens. The friendship between China and Pakistan is a constant and will always be such, he remarked, notwithstanding how quickly the world is changing.

The two countries have placed special emphasis on our economic partnership, manifested in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), building upon the success of our political ties, he stated.

According to Kakar, the Belt and Road Initiative's (BRI) declared goals were truly exemplified by CPEC. He stated, It has assisted us in developing Gwadar Port in the province of Balochistan, addressing energy shortages, and upgrading our transport and communication network.

In addition to boosting economic growth, the premier claimed that CPEC projects had enhanced the lives and standard of living of Pakistani inhabitants and increased regional connectivity.

Kakar then brought up Xi's address from the previous year, in which he talked about Xinjiang being the periphery of Belt and Road connectivity. President Xi's statement acknowledged Xinjiang's historical function as a connecting center within the old Silk Road, he said.

He described his trip to Xinjiang, which coincided with the BRI's tenth anniversary, as occurring at an important juncture. The prime minister declared, It is a significant turning point in the long-lasting friendship between the people of our two great countries, Pakistan and China.

My visit is a symbol of our dedication to fostering human relationships as well as infrastructure links. In essence, the purpose of my visit is to map out a new course and create a new future predicated on increased connectedness and economic synergy.

The reaffirmation of Pakistan's principled position on Xinjiang and our unequivocal support to China on matters related to its core interest are crucial components of Pakistan's vision for cooperation with Xinjiang.

According to him, Pakistan wanted to take advantage of Xinjiang's significance to the CPEC and its connections to Pakistan. In order to improve the lives of those living in our region, we would collaboratively seek to identify the respective strengths of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Xinjiang and building on our synergies.

He continued by saying that the land border at Khunjerab would be turned into an all-weather frontier in accordance with the agreement made during his visit to Beijing.

In order to promote trade and human mobility, we would like to improve customs and other logistical services. An essential element of our CPEC cooperation is Gwadar. I suggest that we use the sister-city relationships between Karamay and Gwadar and Kashgar and Gwadar to effectively further our economic cooperation.

We aim to gain insights from Xinjiang's achievements in modernizing agriculture. A cooperative agricultural demonstration zone will also be established in Pakistan with the goal of introducing contemporary farming methods and practices. Additionally, we want to strengthen ties between Pakistan's and Xinjiang's industry, particularly in the GB region.

According to Kakar, one specific field in this respect might be solar energy, a significant industry in Xinjiang.

He expressed Pakistan's eagerness to foster people-to-people ties and cultural cooperation with Xinjiang. We encourage more visitors to travel to Pakistani tourist destinations from Xinjiang and other regions of China, he declared.

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